Disco King

Project information


A two week school project aimed at making us learn how to work with arduino and the 'GXP Engine'. The engine was created by the lovely teachers at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. This is a rhythm arcade game written C# made to run on a custom arcade machine. The project is one of my earliest and no longer reflex my skill but it is one that I hold dear to me and would love to rebuild when the time comes.

  • Time: 2 weeks
  • Team structure: 1 programmer, 2 designers, 3 artists
  • Game Engine: GXPEngine
  • Language: C#
  • Roles: Gameplay programmer, Tools programmer


Saturation System

This function changes the saturation of the game during the playthrough. The higher procentage that you get, the higher the saturation will get and the more NPCs appear on screen.

Track Creation

This is the most complex part of the game. Because we had limited time with making the game I decided to allow my designers to use tiled (Level designing software) to create the tracks for the actual game. Every square is perfectly spaced so that it will be 1/8th beat. This is the tiled map parsing code adaptation that I wrote.