Arjen de Aldrey


I would not say that I am the typical game developer, but that would be very biased of me.

Game Developer

I am not the typical game developer! With plenty of experience ranging from industry standard game engines like Unity and Unreal to custom engines made to support weird projects. I would say, I have done quite a bit. It's is a passion of mine to learn about new things. My current learning goal is to learn to integrate machine learning in a variety of game topics.

  • Birthday: 10 October 2000
  • Phone number: +31 622088261
  • Email:
  • Degree: Bachelor in Creative Media and Game Technologies
  • Experience: 2.5 years of employment
  • Open for opportunities: Get in contact with me!

I guess I'll share a bit about myself. Born in the Netherlands, raised on CuraƧao. Went back to the Netherlands to learn about game development. Now that I know what I know, I realized a want to know more. And I have a feeling you have a spot in your team that allows me to learn more. This section was intentionally left a little bare because I like to tell you my story in person.


These are the levels of comfort I have when working with the different aspects of game development. I'd recommend looking at my projects for a more in depth look into my capabilities!

Unity 100%
C# 90%
Git 75%
Unreal 50%


In these previews of my work, I will give highlights of the contiditions I was working in, a little bit about what I learned, and maybe some parts that I am really proud of. Either way, I implore you to check out the repositories! (when available).

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  • Programming
  • Art
  • Random


Plenty of options!